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Sea Salt Spray will help with natural volume and add texture to all hair types.

Formulated with avocado oil will help restore hair's natural oils, sugar cane will detangle your hair and hydrate scalp, aloe vera to nourish hair enriched  with vitamins A, C & E.
Optimal low pH (4.5-5.5) locks in colour, prevents fading and helps repair cell damage from colouring and chemicals.

  •   Light weight
  •  * Add volume 
  •  * Matte finish
  •  * Strengthens hair
  •  * Gentle scalp exfoliation

Sea Salt Spray

SKU: SS255
    Generously spray root area and through to mid lengths of towel dried hair. Shake hair and gently scrunch up hair to encourage beach waves. Style as desired or air dry.  Once hair is dry more Sea Salt Spray can be added to create the beach effect. Sea Salt Spray can be added the following day to recreate the look for a second day style.

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