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Hair pHix should be used by anyone who has undergone any chemical change to their hair. When colouring, keratin straightening, or perms, the intense chemical stress on the hair and scalp needs to be immediately treated to prevent further damage and promote healthy hair growth. The harsh alkaline ingredients used to chemically change hair can remove the scalps protective layer causing severe cell damage. Most people are unaware that any chemical change to the hair will directly affect scalp cell health. By damaging the scalp cells hair growth can be severely impacted. The initial damage is due to the removal of the acid mantle caused by the alkaline chemicals that change your hair structure and colour. This is the protective layer that helps promote healthy hair growth and strength. Cell damage at the scalp prevents healthy new hair growth from the root out. These intense chemicals open your hairs cuticle stripping essential nutrients as well. By using Hair pHix for 10-14 treatments following any chemical change will help reverse the damage and can strengthen your hair and make it stronger than using the conventional salon products. ​

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